Now Ye Tianshi is equivalent to the cardinal archbishop, and the king of the Principality has sent too much. Strictly speaking, the king of the Principality bowed down to him, but now how is it the other way around?

In Yisha doubt Ye Tianlang said, I am Yisha’s husband, and I am also a member of the Eastern Holy Empire. Ye Tian worships all the elders here.
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, Yisha trembled all over. Although Ye Tian had the closest relationship, she didn’t keep any secrets, but she never thought Ye Tian would think highly of her as his wife.
Generally speaking, no one will marry a slave as his wife. Now that he is a slave and has bought it back, he can enjoy whatever he likes and kill it directly. No one cares about getting it back.
In Yisha, I want to come to Yetian. At best, I love myself more and win his heart more. He will do something for himself, but she has been stunned several times in a row these days.
First, Ye Tian went to assassinate her enemy regardless of life and death, and now she knelt in front of the spirit tablet and solemnly declared that she was his wife.
Looking at Yisha, Ye Tian sincerely looked at Yishadao with wild jumping eyes in his excitement. Since we are already a family, your business is my business, and your hatred is our hatred.
Ye Tian took the first hide pocket from the ring and held it in his hands. Since you and I are husband and wife, it should be an organic whole. Although I have experienced many dangers this time, I have achieved some goals after all.
Listening to Ye Tian’s words, I remembered Ye Tian’s horrible body when he came back. Yisha’s eyes were filled with tears. Yes, this man is not saying nice things. He is fighting for life in action.
A man is willing to pay her so much, so what can’t a woman pay? No matter how shy and ashamed she is, how can she be more affectionate than this? You know Ye Tian’s wealth, he doesn’t have to work so hard
Looking at Yisha’s grateful expression, Ye Tian smiled and looked at the hide pocket in his hand. This pocket contained the first target head, and the owner of this head was Marshal Tianfeng Empire.
What? I heard Ye Tian’s words and Yisha called with horror. How is this possible? The other party is a marshal of a country. How can it be assassinated?
Looking at Yisha in horror, Ye Tian remained motionless and continued, This is an executioner with bloody hands. On that day, he led the army of Tianfeng Empire to kill the capital of Dongsheng Empire, and Yisha’s two brothers were sold to all the beasts, and Yisha’s mother also killed him in his mansion.
It’s just a personal vendetta, and then it’s counted as the death of the nationals of Dongsheng Empire in his hand. After the capital of Dongsheng Empire was really broken, it was this guy who made the massacre kill the nobles of the city and keep the civilians, and finally it was auctioned off as slaves.
It can be said that besides the emperor of Tianfeng Empire, this guy is the biggest enemy of Yisha. The first marshal of Tianfeng Empire is the executioner’s hand when Dongsheng Empire is shattered.
Listening to Ye Tiandi’s words, Yisha’s eyes quickly turned red. Yes, others may not know it, but she really knew it. Although he was not the culprit, he destroyed the Dongsheng Empire. The butcher knife directly killed his family. Yisha hated his enemies the most.
Looking at Yisha’s hate eyes, Ye Tian got up and walked to the table and put the hide pocket on the plate, then hit the pocket and revealed the frightened face of Marshal before he died.
Looking at the ferocious, twisted, pale and dead face, Yisha was short of breath. Although it was deformed, she would never forget this face for a generation. It was this man who personally destroyed the Dongsheng Empire and personally killed her family.
Glancing at Yisha, Ye Tian once again took an animal skin pocket and gently put it on the table. At the same time, he said that Marshal Tianfeng was a butcher knife, so there is no doubt that holding this knife is the financial officer of Tianfeng Empire.
Ye Tian hit the hide pocket and exposed Faq’s unwilling fear face. Looking at Faq’s head, Yisha hated clenching his teeth. This man’s sins were almost inexhaustible.
If marshal is a gun, then Falk is guilty of that gun, and it is he who has reached the order that will lead to everything later.
Falk’s economic mind does not doubt that he drained the last drop of bone marrow from Dongsheng Empire. The nobles killed and robbed their property. The civilian department sold them as slaves in exchange for a lot of money. Although the royal family members could not move, their relatives were still worth a hundred times and all of them were high-ranking slaves.
It can be said that Falk planned to completely destroy the Eastern Holy Empire, and there is no possibility of a resurgence. He has sold out the Eastern Holy Empire.
Although Falk never went to the battlefield or even the Dongsheng Empire in the end, his sin was never in people. At the beginning, he perceived the colorful gem mine of the Dongsheng Empire and advised the Tianfeng Emperor to occupy the Dongsheng Empire.
Looking at Falk’s twisted face, the hole creaks with sand teeth. It’s not this man. Dongsheng Empire will never be destroyed. This guy coveted colorful gem mines, thus instigating Tianfeng Imperial Emperor soldiers to destroy Dongsheng Empire. This is definitely the culprit.
At the moment, facing the heads of the two enemies, Yisha felt a sense of happiness. She has been revenged all her life, but now their heads have been set on the table, and Yisha can’t believe everything is true.
Grateful to look at Ye Tianshi and know that everything is because he is his desperate assassination, which makes her avenge even his own life.
Looking at Yisha’s grateful eyes, Ye Tian smiled and took out three skins pockets, one by one, and put them on the table. At the moment, three heads shocked Yisha again.
Satisfied lying on the bed looking at Yisha shyly straightening up Ye Tian contentedly laughed at you. Although I was satisfied, I didn’t have time to eat this meal.
I don’t know what to say when I hear Ye Tian’s words, but it’s too luxurious to build here. Where can I find it?
Smiled and shook his head, Ye Tian sat up and picked up the small table food and ate it, so he was very hungry. Plus, Ye Tian was in a good mood and had a big appetite.
Seeing this scene, Yisha didn’t dare to neglect and quickly sat down respectfully beside Ye Tian, picked up a spoon and fed Ye Tian bite by bite. I felt this fragrance and beauty, and I felt like falling into a fairyland.

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