At the moment of vomiting blood, God, come with a thunder.

Cold sweat, cold weather.
There is nowhere to escape at present.
If you want to escape, you can’t escape and jump into the river to die. Don’t say that you are wearing a cotton-padded jacket, which will get worse when you touch the water. If you don’t wear it, you may freeze to death first.
What should I do? What should I do?
This little brother is hesitating about taking the towel. This is the official difference. A bodyguard behind him said that he was polite. They locked their eyes on Shen Suer’s official difference, showing a different look.
In this case, the more hesitant she is, the more suspicious she will be.
When she didn’t speak, a situation was formed and surrounded by three sides.
Shen Suer was surrounded by three people. This time, it was difficult to fly with wings. Section 473 Thrilling almost caught 5
Shen Suer was surrounded by three people, and this time it was difficult to fly with wings.
These two guards are really quite conscientious.
Even if the other person is a man, he will not let go of a suspicious person.
I didn’t hesitate to be ugly and afraid of scaring everyone. Shen Suer slowly raised his hand to lift the scarf, but it was too slow to move. There was no chance that his head would turn to escape.
MMD is going to die completely.
Fuck you, take what you like a bitch. Joe’s head is an idiot. It’s really a natural Shen Suer nemesis. He greets her with a big, old, thick hand and quickly attacks her face with a towel to see it pull.
Things changed in an instant.
When people are not aware of it, my official’s thick wrist is caught by dint of a big hand at this critical moment, and I can’t move for a while.
A little slower than an inch, that official difference will surprise the towel.
What’s the matter? Your uncle was just about to swear. When you turned your head and saw someone standing next to you, your face changed like a trick. In two seconds, you changed to a flattering face and greeted him with a smile apologetically. What brings you here?
At this time, there was a handsome man with a rich god beside him, and the knife-shaped eyebrows flew in the sky.
Hello, General Xiao. The two great guards also greeted each other respectfully with their fuels.
Xiao Zhong’s fame in the home army is still respected and loved.
He smiled warmly, loosened my official duties, and pulled Shen Suer over. I’m sorry to say that Brother Mu is late. I’m sorry. I hope I don’t blame Brother Mu for being nice to talk. He is like an old friend for many years and unexpectedly called Shen Suer’s nonsense name just now.
Reduced some doubts.
How come? Shen Suer lowered his eyes and kept a low profile.
The little heart is beating fast. At that moment, she really felt finished. Section 474 was thrilling and almost caught 6.
The little heart is beating fast. At that moment, she really felt finished.
Suddenly a savior came, how could she not cooperate? Even if this person was a bad guy, she didn’t have time to think about how to care so much in an emergency. Besides, I heard the guards shout that General Xiao was probably Xiao Guifei’s brother.
At this moment, Xiao Zhong chuckled, did my friend give you any trouble? If so, Xiao Mou is here to accompany you first.
The two guards frowned and didn’t say anything. On the contrary, the official nodded and smiled. No, no, no, no, it’s not what you think. We are. Hehe, since it’s General Xiao, your friend, it shouldn’t be a Jiang Yang thief. We are embarrassed and offended.
There’s nothing wrong with coming here to perform public duties, but Xiao’s personality is worried that my friend is definitely not a thief. The three of you can rest assured that Xiao Zhong’s tone is very public and there is no doubt.
That’s, that’s the answer. It’s still the same official.
Now that it’s okay, Xiaomou will leave first. If you have a meal and have a good talk that day, make a bureaucratic speech and politely say, Xiaozhong will take Shen Suer’s shoulder and take her away.
Where are the three police officers? Nothing happened at the moment.
My official difference is nothing but an idiot, but the two guards look dignified and stare at Shen Suer’s back unblinkingly.
Until Xiaozhong Shen Suer figure disappeared in the corner.
One of them asked if he felt wrong.
That figure is too similar.
Yeah, something doesn’t feel right
is she
For a moment, two guards have been wandering around chasing people, and they are confused about it. Of course, he doesn’t know that if two guards let the queen slip under their noses, it’s not a light crime. Besides, if they can’t find the queen, they can’t live a peaceful life one day.
Run quickly to the corner and have a look.
Xiaozhong Shen Suer figure also section 475 thrilling almost caught 7.
In the street, two people walk slowly but not fast.
At the same time, the two guards breathed a sigh of relief at the bottom of their noses, and they were not afraid that the queen had slipped away. General Xiao seemed to dare not openly cover up.
It wasn’t long before they stopped Xiaozhong again.
General Xiao, to tell you the truth, we are looking for a very important person. We must not make a mistake, let a suspicious person go, and we must not engage in malpractices for personal gain. Can your friend show sincerity by holding two people with a towel, without coercion, but without retrogression?
Xiaozhong deep eyes flashed with a surprise.

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