Oh, the bad guy hurts. He grabbed her little hand at once. No matter how bad she is, she took a heavy drag on her lips. Don’t blame me for being rude.

You’re welcome, you’re welcome. Who’s afraid of who? I just talked big, but my belly muttered in protest
MuJing coagulation depending on her eyes with a smile and then swept the surface.
She mumbled something. Before you’re welcome, get something to eat first.
He gently put a touch of hair on her forehead behind her ear in judo. Well, I have ordered people to get ready. Go ahead. He just remembered that he was a little away from the bed and suddenly let jane doe hug someone and fall on the bed again.
Then she fell on him.
Without moving, her little face was stuck to his chest without moving.
Emperor, am I dreaming? Is it true?
Seems to be dreaming.
No, it’s like a dream now
The more you hug, the more nervous you are. Never been nervous.
My heart is racing with nervousness.
Emperor, I’m afraid whether you are real or not. She’s worried that he is an illusion. An illusion will disappear when he wakes up. I’ve been dreaming the same dream for two years. When I woke up that night, you disappeared. I’ve been sleeping late and sleeping during the day. I just hope to see you in my dream. I hope I don’t wake up in my dream. Will you disappear if I wake up this time?
Even now, she is still in a state of disbelief. Section 736 says to each other.
Mu Jing was very excited in his heart.
I was shaking with excitement and my blood was boiling.
What did she-what did she just say
She said that she had been thinking about him for two years.
Everyone is thinking about him, thinking that he is not alone in missing, and everything seems to be responding. She is responding to that old-fashioned guy, and the bad guy is also missing him. He is too excited to speak. The waves of excitement reverberate in his heart for a long time. He can do nothing but hug her tightly.
He really can’t do anything at this moment.
Gradually feel the heartbeat in my ear.
Jane doe’s head is completely awake.
Just waking up from a dream.
When she realized that she was really lying in Mujing’s arms, she felt an impulse to faint.
It’s customary to wake up in the past two years, but it’s not clear.
Well, just like heaven, people still have to lie down in court to sleep for a while. At that time, even when people were talking and walking, their heads were in a daze.
What did she say just now?
It seems that I have dreamed too much.
Ahem, she slowly got up from Mujing.
Look at those clear eyes with different lights, and her heart will be greatly embarrassed.
Emperor, I didn’t wake up just now.

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