Chu Yun lost his way. What?

However, because my death will benefit him, because he doesn’t need a wife who can’t help him, but because he wanted to get rid of me early in the morning, which made him a thorn in his side. Sima Yunniang smiled leisurely, so how can I make him work hard? Besides, if I don’t die, his plan won’t be really difficult, and I can’t give Xiao Yi a chance to do everything. How can I not let everything end quickly?
Chu Yun made a chill and stretched out his hand and took Sima Yunniang yisow. Don’t.
Sima Yunniang smiled and said, "I’ve always been him, even if I sold him, I’m still him. I want to live up to my country’s unfaithfulness. I hate him again in his heart. I want him to play with him for a day if he doesn’t mean to come one day. If he is willing to be false to me, I’m willing to show my sincerity. Since he must kill me, I will live and benefit me. If he sells one and kills the other one by one, no one owes anyone."
She speaks to Chu Yun, but her eyes look through Chu Yun to distant places, and her eyes are gentle.
She got up and walked softly, and her posture was still beautiful and free and easy.
Chu Yun’s weak hands can’t hold her clothes, her feet can’t hold her weak body, and she has to be called yisow.
Sima Yunniang said lightly, don’t be vain. It will take at least two hours for you to be poisoned. You can’t stop me now.
Chu Yun tearfully watched Sima Yunniang push the door of the Chamber of Secrets, and couldn’t help shouting about yisow. Have you ever regretted meeting him and loving him today?
Sima Yunniang didn’t look back and said softly, I always remember that I was waiting for him in the brothel every day. I heard a piece of the building that day. I leaned against the railing and saw a handsome man laughing and indulging in a group of beautiful women. He laughed so hard that his drinking posture was very free and easy, but his eyes were always searching for a bosom friend. He looked up and smiled at me. I suddenly felt that I had drunk the most spirits and saw the brightest stars.
She sounded gentle as if the spring wind gently caressed the treetops, but Chu Yun couldn’t help but burst into tears.
He and I knelt down to the ancestral temple step by step, and I abandoned Wang Jue and Fugui. We had a very happy day together. He played the piano, I played the flute, and I danced. He painted and talked about poetry and laughter. When the sky was poor, he was hungry. With clear water, two people shared the cold and hugged each other to warm up. Later, even our most cherished piano and flute were pawned, and he was able to pick bamboo leaves. I played charcoal and made pens in stones. I painted pictures, and we left such beautiful stories that many girls were amazed in their dreams, weaving our similar dreams. No, I will never
The deep feelings in her voice are almost not even enough for the sea. I hate that when we embraced in the cold wind and ate in the hut, we didn’t get sick and die. Why didn’t I die at the happiest time?
She walked slowly away, and in the darkness, her figure was beyond pursuit.
Chu Yun cried and called out to her, but she never turned back to the depths of darkness. She was light and slightly disappointed, but she was absolutely sad. Happy, happy, happy, and happy days always pass so quickly.
Chu Yun retells the past, and tears can’t stop falling again.
If my heart is cramped, my second sister-in-law is willing to die in his plan because she loves him too much.
Chu Yun gently knew that he had changed his mind, but his sister-in-law still refused to forget the good days or would rather he died. Women are really stupid, even a character like Cong Sister-in-law is willing to do such a stupid thing in love.
If I think of the last time Sima Yunniang met her, her face shone faintly, and she smiled blandly but profoundly, but she did not regret it. It was even more unexpected that there were so many betrayal and murder plots behind her, and she could still love so much.
He shivered and hugged Chu Yun more tightly, fool. You are not Sima Yunniang and I am not Xiao Yao. We will not follow their old path. We will love each other seriously and will never change.
Chu Yun said how beautiful Xiao Yao’s second sister-in-law is. They are the happiest people in the dream, but
We will be a thousand times happier than them, if we gently kiss her black hair, forehead, eyebrows, nose tip and then lips.
Chu Yun trembled and then responded to him heartily.
Forget the sadness, forget the disappointment, and the only memory is his passionate embrace of warm lips.
Chapter 9 An Uncle
Holding Chu Yun’s hand again and returning to Yiyuan, everything seems to be separated from each other, and all the twists and turns have never happened. He still walked into the richest city of Chu with his lover’s hand and into this beautiful garden with flying happiness.
But what happened in fact never changed.
Seeing too much sadness, I feel my own strength. If I hold my beloved woman’s hand tightly, I can feel that happiness is not far away and that life is still meaningful.
The people in Yiyuan happily greeted their host with plates of rich dishes in the kitchen, and the maids were holding fragrant wine to prepare for the reunion after a long separation.
Su Liang, Zhao Yi, has also returned to Yiyuan. As soon as he entered the garden, he jumped on Chu Yun and knelt down and cried bitterly, while Su Liang, Zhao Yi, jumped on him and would tear him up if he caught him.
It is because they already know that today’s government has changed a lot. If they are going to deal with such a big scene and such a dangerous situation, they should be more bitter than not calling them.
Seeing that if they chase you, you will flee. When you are shivering outside, you will no longer report to the Regent Xiao Yi.
If I knew Xiao Yi would have a long talk with him sooner or later, but I didn’t expect it to come so soon, did he get everything together in such a short time or did he have nothing to worry about the elite? Did he try his best to arrange everything?
If you sigh, you dare not neglect Xiao Yi and Chu Yun to meet you.
Even Su Liang Zhao Yi, who has always been no big or little, dare not commit any more nonsense. He wordlessly obediently went to welcome guests, fragrant incense and serve the moon. When he saw Xiao Yi from a distance, his legs were soft, and he was a gentle-looking and gentle person, which could make these two girls even dare not catch a breath in the atmosphere.
People in Yiyuan all bowed their heads and stood in awe like stiff wood.

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