"Kaidilin School answered my question just now."

Kaidilin took a deep breath to calm down.
"Three hundred and forty-two, I’m three hundred and forty-two, eleven kilometers slower than Harris."
He didn’t argue that speed doesn’t mean everything is generous and admits a fact that has been known.
Then ask up.
"What? What can Harris do? He just got this mecha for ten days because of neural link driving technology? No, Harris is now driving in a manual mode, which is even more wrong. He doesn’t have the link driving technology, so his speed should be slower. Two driving modes will affect the operation … "
Xinghe Mecha Independent Corps Now all mechs have undergone neural link technical transformation, including Ji Xinghe driving this mountain.
But none of them have the new technology to drive the mecha because Ji Xinghe is going to give the empire a surprise.
At this time, listening to Kaidilin’s questions one after another, I thought that his confidence was bound to be hit by this.
Ji Xinghe was a little reluctant, but he had to do it.
Tone slightly eased his light way "want to learn? I will teach you. "
When Liu Mian and Tang Qiao heard Ji Xinghe ask this question, they looked at Kaidilin’s expression changes with different eyes.
The former is to marvel at Ji Xinghe, a new and risky method, but it seems to have succeeded.
The latter is a kind of water-pulling pleasure, but I can’t bear it alone.
Chapter 426 The first class
No.129 outpost in Zhanhen Canyon
More than 3,000 federal soldiers relied on their defensive fortifications to block ten times the strength of their empire.
Is it because of the relative relaxation of the war that the gunfire keeps ringing but not strong?
It’s not caused by the extremely thin atmosphere of alien stars. If it’s a blue star, it’s deafening and like a thunderstorm.
"Mecha they sent mecha"
"What about our mecha?"
"It’s finished"
"Let them"
There are generally three ways to break the defensive battle in a stalemate position. 1. Differentially covered firepower flattened the defensive position. 2. A large number of troops forcibly broke through the firepower to block the bodies and fill those defensive fortifications regardless of casualties.
The third is that the mecha directly rushes to destroy the position fire output unit.
Even with the transition gate, it is not necessary to make the first two methods attack the federal position.
So they mecha units of course to 129 outpost launched a charge.
Outpost line waiting for a long time after the federal mecha get out orders and then widely spread-and deeply felt.
When many people face the’ beast’ such as the imperial orangutan, they hope that they can also become the beast.
"All units pay attention to their respective targets after numbering is completed"
"All three teams have followed me closely."
"Pay attention to the cooperation. If you can play more and less, don’t hit anyone one-on-one. If you dare to come back one-on-one, I’ll break his leg."
"Venus attracts fire first"
"The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. It’s time to fulfill our responsibility."
Outpost more than 400 mecha were divided into 16 teams, and the communication channels of each team were dispatched, which sounded a little confusing.
But after they rushed out of the bunker, the formation was not chaotic at all, and the queues were neat and orderly.
More than four hundred federal mecha in the face of the charge to three hundred imperial mecha is no quantitative advantage.
The gap between the individual combat power of the federal mecha and the imperial mecha will not be directly erased by the miracle brought by Ji Xinghe. The vast majority of the mecha in the same standard federal mecha cannot guarantee that they will win one-on-one combat, let alone win unscathed.
According to the record, there are more than 400 mecha positions in the 129 outpost, and it takes less damage to 100 to repel the 300 imperial mecha.
Can repel the French fighters
All of them know this, but none of them should choose to retreat when charging.
Fear of death?
If they were all afraid of death, the War Mark Canyon would have been completely occupied by the Empire.
They are not afraid of death.
The empire can’t stop them when they want to charge, but someone can stop them.
"Prepare to charge!"
When the cry sounded, more than 400 federal mecha crashed and moved, and the whole footsteps made the earth tremble.
But before their speed could soar, a new order suddenly came.
"Mecha formation immediately retreat"
More than 400 federal mecha charge momentum suddenly stagnated formation, so some confusion came from the outpost commander’s order to make them aware of the alarm display system.
No imperial missile bombing?
Then why retreat?
Communication channel in a few super mecha angry.
"129 also want to give up? It’ s only been more than half a month. We have retreated from 14 to 129, and we have to retreat? "
"Retreat to the headquarters? Don’t you want the western theater? "
"Even if we have to give up 129, we can’t retreat. Let others retreat before we can retreat."
"Everyone is ready to continue to charge."
A super-class mecha actually directly violated the military orders and roared in the angry body communication channel, "Brothers, we can’t retreat first because no one can stop them if we retreat first."
This is another unclear account. How to calculate the lives of more than 3,000 federal soldiers and more than 400 federal mecha?
For some generals in the worse heaven, this account is really easy to calculate, but for soldiers on the battlefield, this account should not be calculated.

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