Lin Ying ignored these people but directly pulled Sun Tiecheng aside. "Monitor Sun, I just looked outside and found that zombies near here are attracted. We must retreat immediately.

It is only a matter of time before the ice wall will be smashed with the increase of zombies.
After the ice wall is smashed, this iron wall can last for a few minutes at most.
We must evacuate before nightfall. "
Sun Tiecheng was at a loss and asked, "Where are we going?"
Lin Ying replied, "I always take it one step at a time before the route is prepared. Let’s get rid of these zombies from the community first. If we can’t get rid of these zombies before dark, we will be in big trouble."
Sun Tiecheng smell speech some worry way "that I listen to you"
Then Sun Tiecheng added, "They also listen to your arrangement and I will give them to you."
Lin Ying pointed to those lucky people who are in high spirits and said to Sun Tiecheng doubtfully, "They all listen to my arrangement? You give them all to me? "
Sun Tiecheng nodded. "I will not only give them to you, but also give myself and my comrades to you. Only you can lead us and let us live."
Lin Ying stared at Sun Tiecheng’s eyes and said seriously, "Are you serious?"
Sun Tiecheng replied, "I am serious about asking you."
Say that finish Sun Tiecheng nervously staring at Lin Ying waiting for his answer.
Sun Tiecheng actually gave these lucky people to Lin Ying, and he himself meant that he wanted to be a soldier of Lin Ying’s hand.
Lin Ying looked a little nervous. Sun Tiecheng looked at this group of mud again and sighed naively. "Well, I’ll take over."
Sun Tie grew up with a sigh of relief.
{End of chapter}
Chapter 445th There is a light rail.
After a few minutes, cannon fodder C came back, and then on the Linying Trail, "There is a newly built property behind the community, and it may not be long before the base can see any zombies, and most of those who have escaped have hid here."
Lin Ying frowned. "What is the situation behind this property?"
Cannon fodder C continued, "Behind the building is a main road, and there are many zombies around the shops."
And I saw a light rail next to it, where almost all of them were filled with zombies. "
Lin Ying was shocked. "Light rail?"
Lin Ying quickly shook the map to find it.
This urban map is relatively detailed, and various traffic routes are also marked more clearly.
Lin Ying found that a large number of light rail lines crisscrossed and divided the urban area into large or small squares.
Lin Ying found the light rail nearby and found that it was a light rail connecting the urban area and the suburbs.
Seeing this, Lin Ying’s face immediately smiled. "Haha, there is a way."
Then Lin Ying pushed the map to Sun Tiecheng and said, "How about we retreat from this light rail to the suburbs?"
Sun Tiecheng nodded "at your disposal"
If you say it, you don’t say it.
Lin Ying immediately ordered, "Xiao Qi Yang Bo, you take them to the back door and wait for me in the neighborhood behind.
Monitor Sun, take your brothers around the community. If you want to follow, take them away. If you don’t want to go, let him.
Oh, by the way, bring more food. Maybe food won’t be so easy to find next day. "

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