Ji Xinghe raised his knife in his hand, stepped on the back of an imperial orangutan and looked at all the mecha in Zhang Xiao, but instead of directly slashing the knife, he bent down and grabbed the breathing mask of the imperial orangutan, and then the imperial orangutan appeared in everyone’s sight with a frightened expression.

Its skin is changing due to exposure to alien environment. Breathe, it holds its breath and struggles wildly, but it can’t break free.
"Look at it, fear it, fear it, they will all be afraid, they will all be afraid."
Let everyone see the expression of the imperial gorilla. Ji Xinghe suddenly slashed his head with a knife and fell to the earth. His face was frozen in horror and then dried by dehydration, just like it became a standard.
It’s a real mark and a mark in the hearts of all the federal mecha at the scene. They all saw the tyrannical significance of the imperial gorilla’s fear of Ji Xinghe.
Not just cruel means to get revenge.
Ji Xinghe sounds again.
"Remember them. Fear is our strength."
Chapter 137 Orbital descent
Many people in base 6 are waiting for the arrival of the transfer motorcade in base 3, looking forward to meeting familiar people again.
The surface area of alien stars and blue stars can’t be larger than the area occupied by the Federation, but the traffic is extremely inconvenient and the shortage of resources makes many alien stars know and be familiar with people, and it’s hard to see them again after a separation.
It was agreed that returning to the Blue Star after the victory of the war would be like getting together, but some people could never return to the Blue Star again. Even their ashes could leave the alien star buried. The uninhabited planet was gradually buried deeper and deeper by orange dust, and no one could remember where they were buried.
Perhaps one day, human beings will completely occupy this planet, and the development of science and technology will give human beings enough ability to change the environment of this planet and make this planet have real meaning. The atmospheric species have been scattered by people, and they have taken root and sprouted, and then the new species have been taken away by the wind.
When several species spread all over the alien planet, some species will take root and have been forgotten. Heroes will learn from the heroes’ legacy and break through the ground. Thousands of years later, the wind and rain will tell the stories that should not be forgotten to the alien people.
But people will eventually forget that they will remember that there was a war on this planet, and they will teach students to see some cold figures. Some of them will even condemn the union in this war from the moral high ground. They will say that anyone who praises war will not go to the battlefield. They will say that war will never be just …
It is not terrible for heroes to bury their bones in other places. What is terrible is that those who are protected by their lives have a well-known expression that they are not heroes.
"Old horse? Why didn’t Lao Ji come back with the team? He didn’t accept the escort team. "
"It’s not just the old horse, but also the blind and lame. None of them in the Xinghe team came back."
"It won’t be …"
Master Liu took his disciples to prepare some gifts, and wanted Ji Xinghe to give them to Ji Rongxinyue when he returned to the No.5 base. It was not easy to take time off, but they didn’t see the team of Ji Xinghe who should return with the team, which made them flustered.
"Don’t fucking fart. Do you believe it or not?"
Master Liu angrily reprimanded him and then quickly walked to the hangar where the motorcade would take a short rest. Some people who needed to be transferred at Base 6 would also join the motorcade there to form a larger transfer motorcade.
The scolded disciple had no anger and a full face of chagrin. He felt that he should not say those three words.
Everyone was worried, and soon they came to the hangar area with Master Liu, and saw those people who were joining the motorcade. Some of them were familiar with them, while others met in the canteen.
"Lieutenant Colonel Tangqiao"
Master Liu met the person in charge at the scene, and quite a few Ji Xinghe leaned on the old and sold the old samples and directly asked, "Where’s Lao Ji? What about the Xinghe team? "
Tang Qiao replied with a straight face, "This is confidential."
"Bullshit secrets" Master Liu fumed, "Don’t I don’t know what secrets are, just pick them up and talk about them. You know what I want to know."
Judging from the rank, it is obvious that Master Liu made such a remark, which made Tang Qiao angry. Why are all these people like this at Base 6? So is Ji Xinghe. Master Liu has also become such a veteran. Can he dye it?
But the rank belongs to the rank. Master Liu stayed at the No.6 base, and the mechanic can be called the strongest. Once Tang Qiao, I really dare not directly offend Master Liu.
"Master Liu" Tang Qiao frowned. "I can tell you that Lieutenant Ji Xinghe is fine and everyone in the Xinghe squad is fine."
"Don’t you just say that earlier? Holding don’t go in a hurry to go … "
Master Liu’s mood was instantly relaxed and he said, Tang Qiao, an Eagle Island man, suddenly froze after listening to something not too white.
"Lieutenant Ji Xinghe? Wasn’t he a second lieutenant when he left our base today? How did you suddenly become a lieutenant? "
"Sorry, it’s confidential."
"Ha ha …"
Master Liu sneered and responded, then turned around and greeted his disciples, sharing the good news. It would be better if people were not dead and could be promoted. It would be better to say that they were not dead but also meritorious.
There are many people who want to wait for Ji Xinghe in the No.6 base. Almost all of them have some gifts for Ji Rongxinyue, and there is not enough room for the transfer team. They want to wait for the Ji Xinghe team to come over and transport these small gifts.
These people were all a little scared and worried when they didn’t see Ji Xinghe appear, but they were soon relieved by Master Liu’s praise, but they all became curious about what Ji Xinghe’s rank was promoted.
Judging from the difficulty of promoting to the rank of Ji Xinghe, it is so easy to directly promote to the lieutenant. It is said that Ji Xinghe has made great contributions.
"You said Lao Ji wouldn’t meet the imperial mecha again, would you?"
"That’s for sure. I think the old horse should have smashed five imperial mecha less than seven this time, otherwise it wouldn’t be so easy to be promoted to Tang Qiao. Those people have been holding up the old horse."
"Be bold, Lao Ji, and single-handedly smashed nine imperial mecha at that time. There must be more this time."
"Quantity doesn’t matter. I’m just curious about a question. What old horse can always turn investigation and escort into battle?"
"Then who knows?"
"Ji Xinghe, I’m really curious about why you can always meet such a thing?"
Ji Xinghe, who was on his way from the canyon to the No.6 base, heard the familiar sound on the communication channel and asked, "Is it bad that General Tu Yuan was met by me?"
"Very good"
A space battleship Tuyuan, who is near a different star, looked at the picture captured by the reconnaissance satellite, and there were some smiles in the eyes of the federal mecha.
"Ji Xinghe, your rank has just been promoted to lieutenant. Now you are escorting the convoy from base No.3 and base No.6 to base No.5 before continuing."
"Received" Ji Xinghe’s tone was calm and there was no feeling of joy.
Tu Yuan hesitated a little and then asked, "What do you think of that device?"
The transition device in the canyon has been completely destroyed and solved. When all the imperial mecha Xinghe teams go back with team Zhang, they dare not get too close for fear that their mecha will step on something with fragments.
It was around the guards waiting for the follow-up support to be in place, and after more professionals arrived at the scene, the Xinghe team was awarded to leave the canyon, and Zhang was ordered to stay in the canyon.
Ji Xinghe failed to dismantle those imperial mechs. He caught several imperial aristocratic prisoners and was not in his charge because he liked to behead imperial orangutans. The news has followed his achievements this time. No one dared to let him leave with the prisoners.
"My opinion …" Ji Xinghe suddenly asked thoughtfully, "Aren’t you a civilian general in charge of conscription?"
Before the Federation, there was no rank of civilian general. The junior professional and technical posts and clerical posts in the army were collectively referred to as civilian cadres. Generally speaking, there were corresponding ranks for civilian cadres without ranks, and only a few people who took administrative posts could get ranks or transferred from civilian cadres to active officers could get ranks.
However, it is almost impossible to get the title of Tu Yuan, which is a precedent.
"I’ve been transferred. I’m not a civilian general now."

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