Great … The player was about to praise but still kept his great posture when he looked at the bleeding in the eyes of the peerless sword fairy. It’s worthy to pretend to be a peerless sword statue after life.

Tu shook his head. "You’ve already gambled and I’ve had one at the same time?"
"Try Bai ~" Lin Haoheng smiled proudly and reached for the butcher’s knife.
When Lin Haoheng held the butcher knife in his hand, a circle of shock waves broke out, and all the players around him were blown away. Lin Haoheng persisted for three seconds and then stepped back. When he stepped back, several blood stains broke out, and the whole person was almost cut into a bloody person.
"Happy!" Lin Haoheng roared, "Come again!"
How rude! Players.
Jiaoxiansheng office
When the shock wave broke out over there, Xu Junhu waved his sleeve and said to Mr. Jiao before sitting in the booth, "Can you borrow a pen, sir?"
"If you don’t have an alien dharma body, you won’t be afraid if you die? Besides, you’re not high in this world or a fairy in a foreign land. What do I bet? " Mr. Jiao rolled his eyes and looked at Xu Junhu while turning himself.
"I’m also the embodiment of this world." Xu Junhu smiled. "Why can’t I bet with you?"
"The past is not the present." Mr. Jiao took another look at Xu Junhu. "You have a high charm."
"I ….." Xu Junhu leng a this just white originally hide from Lin Chong Buddha treasure seven feeling saint method achievement nine gold behind him has cut off Lin Chong incarnation even no wonder recently always feel a little lonely …
"You have to be a high avatar to get my pen, that, that, that." Mr. Jiao rolled and lit the next door, the next door and the next door
"Do you know that the tailor’s aunt bet that it is also an incarnation?" When Xu Junhu knew the news, he couldn’t help but be stunned. "Then why are you still holding on to him?"
"But he doesn’t say that all souls are noble, so why not say that?" Mr. Jiao shook his head and said, "If not, we will get along as equals and trade fairly."? Aren’t you afraid that he will stew us in a pot? "
"Respect this ….." Not only did Mr. Xu Junhu not say what time to monitor here, but he also couldn’t figure out when Lin Chong was here again after respecting the Kunlun Mountain and the alien wall.
But no
Xu Junhu placed a golden lotus fortune teller table. "Is this enough for you to bet?"
"Fairy magic Buddha chaotic golden body … reluctantly, it is also a treasure of the heavens." Mr. Jiao looked a little bit and not only reluctantly agreed, "You may want to think it over if you are not careful, but you will die without a result."
"I want to win, but I don’t want the result." Xu Junhu laughed and wrote.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-one Into the array to break the evil spirit
Lin Chong’s twelve instructors, the Great Sage, and the thirty instructors, were all immortals in the array.
I don’t have much time when I break the array.
Among the titles of the Great Sage, there was a real talent cow who was born with a thick carapace as dark as ink and a drum. Lin Chong and others went into the array with a bang, and when they got into the array, they saw that the real talent cow had a dark skin and was greasy red.
"My’ Rapi’ magical power has been abolished!" Shouted the real talent cow Great Sage
Mrs. Bones looked at it and felt glad that she was not alone. Otherwise, if she was used as a shield when she entered the array, she would have died.
"Everyone be careful!" There’s a true fairy instructor shouting
It’s not the first time for instructors to come into this array. It’s hard to get it for nothing.
Lin Chong, when you look around, you will see the overwhelming crimson fog wrapped around him. There is no division between heaven and earth here, and the sun, the moon and the dry Kun are everywhere. Once polluted, it will rot into rotten meat and die.
The true immortals sacrificed the wind, cremated Leixian and formed a formation to fight against Shaqi.
The titles of the Great Sages are also sacrifices to magical powers. These Great Sages all know that if they enter this world, if they go out, they will have to hand over their lives. If there is any hatred, they should always go out and calculate.
Lin Chong put his hand into ShaQi. I wonder if Wan Mizhai Jin Xian’s shell can crack ShaQi …
A little red blood stained Lin Chong’s finger. Lin Chong was burned by fire and twisted like a knife. When he was busy, he withdrew his hand and went back. After a long time, he coughed violently and spit out a mouthful of dirty blood, which was fishy and smelly as if ShaQi had taken shape.
"Comrade fairy emperor? Are you all right? " A true fairy asked
"Vientiane Xiandi, you should take care not to die. We are all counting on you!" Mrs. Bones, cold hum
If the array is broken, everything is easy to say. If the Vientiane Immortal Emperor dies, I hope they will all be ruined in order. After all, there is no such thing as Kunlun Immortal coming back from the dead.
"I’m all right is a bit odd …" Lin wondered.
Because he thought that if ShaQi can be decomposed by Jin Xian’s shell, it means that Jin Xian’s shell "knows all the laws of the world", including ShaQi. How can ShaQi be regarded as Kunlun Fairy’s cognitive heresy and energy?
Reminiscent again, if the orthodoxy can understand the eccentric form, how can it be "invisible" to lead to the result?

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