About Gao Le asks, "How can you guarantee that the strong host will be fair? You are Locke’s friend, and Locke knows the general truth before he speaks.

But ten years ago, can you guarantee that Gambistin’s involvement in this matter will not be inclined to Frick’s great god magician? At that time, Dawson was dead, and no one knew Locke’s identity, even himself. Who can find out the truth? "
Hua Zhen’s trip "What the hell does Nagambi care about?"
Another question, perhaps more important, is about Gao Le. What shouldn’t Gambist care about? Take today as an example. We both know that Oheim is not a good thing, but can you just kill this man without proof?
The police came with evidence to arrest him. If the three magicians stop the local authorities in the port of Sofia, can they promise? To put it another way, if Gambistin came here to arrest Oheim, would the local authorities agree? "
Hua Zhen blinked and said, "Neither of these situations should be allowed, but what kind of situation will Gambistine take care of the Fogen Foundation?"
About Gao Le also looked at the teacup in a thoughtful way. "Mr. Dawson took Locke to Gambisi Court to say his identity and submit evidence to prove that he was threatened by magic and asked Gambisi Court for asylum."
Or Locke himself went to Gombyshire to hand in evidence that he was persecuted by magic, and asked Gombyshire to investigate that the magic teacher violated the code of conduct. "
Hua Zhen’s trip "These are all passive, so what will Gambistin take the initiative to manage?"
There are many theories about how to manage things, but there are still differences between how to manage and how to manage.
The Gambisi Court will take the initiative to intervene in the first incident, that is, some people make research on divinity in an unreasonable way, which has caused serious harmful consequences, usually referring to the affairs of ordinary divinity teachers. "
Hua Zhen trip "I’m a little confused, like an industry self-regulatory organization?"
This is one aspect … I have answered so many questions for you. Can you ask me one thing? How did Frick die? You just said that you saw his body in the barren hills and found the relics that proved Locke’s identity. "
Hua Zhen line "Do you believe me when I say I killed you?"
About Gao Le stared at him for a long time and suddenly laughed. "There’s nothing unbelievable. Frick is not immortal. Everyone is careless. Sometimes it seems that the boss of China doesn’t want to say some details, so I won’t ask."
After listening to your story, I’m embarrassed not to introduce my knowledge. The great god mage, the ancestor of the Fogen family, used to be a Templar Knight of the Gambiest Court. He learned the magical skills from the Gambiest Court and later created and developed himself.
Boss Hua may have forgotten that he left a contract. Now it should be in Locke’s hand … These are not important and there is no need to say more.
But aren’t you curious why Locke, the heir of the Fogan family, concealed his identity from childhood and was secretly cultivated by his mentor, Mr. Dawson, even without his knowledge? "
Hua Zhen line spread out his hands "yeah, I have been thinking about it! Dawson and Frick are all dead, and even Locke himself doesn’t know what’s going on and can guess. "
About Gao Le "Then don’t guess again. I can tell you that Dawson, Lusen and Mo Sen used to be servants of the great god of Fugen, and later they had their own families, known as the three guardian families of Fugen."
Nowadays, the Fogen Foundation is very rich, with a large number of investments, properties, antiques, cash and total assets, which translates into less than 10 billion Luo Yuan.
Most of this wealth is accumulated in modern times, and ancestors left some real estate and jewelry. If it were not for the protection of these three families for hundreds of years, the Fugen family would have been destroyed.
Their Fugen family has been guarding the householders for hundreds of years, and has saved the householders’ lives many times to help manage the assets of various places. However, the Fugen family has everything in the end, and the householders in previous dynasties have been very strong.
The problem is that Fogan’s father is weak and sick since childhood, and there are no other people in his generation, so he can leave everything to the guardian family to take care of.
Let’s call him old fogen. This old Mr. fogen is not a theologian. He has never entered the threshold of trainee theologians, and his talent is mediocre. He has hardly achieved anything.
The old fogen period was also the fastest time for the fogen foundation to accumulate wealth, which almost increased from several hundred million Luo yuan to several billion Luo yuan.
Fricklucson was the most outstanding monk of his generation, the leader of the Fogan Friar Society, the factual manager and manager of the Fogan Foundation.
Old fogen should be afraid of something, and he guessed what would happen next. He kept his descendants and dared not let Frick know, but Frick found out … "
At this point, Hua Zhen Bank interjected, "Old Fogen secretly entrusted his son to a trusted Mr. Dawson to raise in a farm under a pseudonym, so that Mr. Dawson could find a chance to take his brother and train him into a theologian … but Frick found out after all."
About Gao Le nods "that’s about the truth.
So many people have created so much wealth of the Fogan Foundation for so many years, so it can be said that Frick earned most of it. Do you think Locke should have it for granted?
I won’t ask Locke this question because others didn’t do anything wrong, but it is very important to you. "
Hua Zhen: "Why are you looking at me like that? What’s important to me?"
Yogoro "What you say determines who you are and what is happening here."
Chapter 172, circular mirror
Hua Zhen finally raised his eyes and made eye contact with Gao Le, which was the first time he had done so since he entered the door.
Joko’s eyes are not oppressive, and he doesn’t feel any hostility from them. It seems to be calm and calm, but it is difficult to keep his eyes on him, so it is difficult to need enough concentration.
Many people have a misunderstanding of concentration, which is a kind of willpower or endurance. That’s another concept. The technical term is nerve tolerance. Real concentration means clear cognition, firm belief and persistent concentration, otherwise the tolerance will be strong again.
Of course, there is an answer to the question of going to Hua Zhen about Gao Le, even if it was not clear before, it has been very clear after listening to what he said.
Hua Zhen finally smiled "I don’t want to say"
About Gao Le "Oh what?"
Hua Zhen trip "because I don’t know you well, I don’t know where you came from, and I don’t know why you want to tell you?" At this time, he finally recovered the expression and tone of a child.
About Gao Le said that he would not force Hua Zhen to answer anything, so naturally he stopped asking questions and said, "What about Locke? What do you think he will think of this question?"
"Locke already knows the answer" and Hua Zhen bowed his head here. "He knows the answer, but it doesn’t mean that there are too many things like him."
About Gao Le offered to pour a cup of tea for Hua Zhen. "Then let me change another question. What do you think of Frick?"
Hua Zhenxing glanced at him and said, "Have you ever studied logic?"
About Gao Le "Of course! As a theologian, when you meet God, many questions can be answered through thinking experiments. Relying is logic. "
Hua Zhen’s trip "I don’t think it’s reasonable for the Fogen family to have everything, and I don’t think it’s fair for the guardian family represented by Frick … I won’t say much about it, because as you can see, we say Frick people."
What is Frick’s purpose and means? If he thinks it is unreasonable for the Fogen family to have all this, but his purpose is to become another Fogen and even worse, then I have nothing to say. "
About Gao Le holding a teacup, he said, "Is it a story that a young dragon slayer turns into a dragon … This metaphor seems inappropriate?"
Hua Zhen’s trip "to be more precise, killing dragons is to take the dragon instead, and he is worse than the dragon. The dragon never thought of killing him, which made him successful."
Yogoro answered, "And he has got the Fogen Foundation, but he will kill Locke who doesn’t know the truth. If Frick doesn’t take the initiative to find Locke, he won’t die here."
Hua Zhen line deep however way "well, he is to die".
About Gao Le "Actually, when I came to see you just now, Brech and Pidan also went to see Locke. Do you want to know what they talked about?"
Hua Zhenxing stood up and said, "They have gone to find Locke?"
About Gao Le raised his hand and gently pressed, "Boss Hua, sit still and don’t worry. It seems that I have caused you some misunderstandings. You are surprised that they are here to find fault. They are here to contact feelings and please Locke. Will they come?"
Hua Zhen trip "contact feelings?"
About Gao Le said with a smile, "The mindset is always misleading. For example, the boss of China just accidentally said that the Fugen Foundation had another story."
I asked Boss Hua a few questions here, and you think that the two magicians in Cambiston will look for Locke. You just talked to me about logic. Why can’t it be logical now?
Who is Locke? He is the heir of the Fugen family, the owner of Lord Awaji Fugen’s acclaimed philanthropist, the Billion Luoyuan Foundation.
Brech and Pidan are just two magicians sent by Cambiston to be in charge of communication. Will they come here to offend people like Locke when they are full?
Don’t you know what happened ten years ago, but what happened this year? Your client didn’t tell them, even I just found out!
And even if they know the situation, what can they do? Who can tell if Locke is not? Locke is not only responsible, but also responsible. More importantly, he really runs the Fogan Foundation.

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