"En 2 Stone Grain" Cheng Jinzhou continued to play sleeves.

Shi inkstone gently hissed a sigh and looked at Shi Mo’s smile apologetically. "Even it’s already noon that three boys can’t buy 2 stone grain today, and the Huo family can’t add too much grain to the yamen for registration …"
It takes time for the yamen to go through the process even for the Cheng family.
"So long!" Cheng Jinzhou said to himself. He had a casino feeling that he was eager to show his cards, even if he would pay high gambling fees.
Shi inkstone looked at Cheng Jinzhou’s face and said, "It’s more cost-effective for three boys to take so much food from their own granary."
"Public granary?" Cheng Jinzhou just didn’t want to get involved at home before buying food from the wholesale grain store outside.
Shi Yancheng, a child in Jinzhou, thinks of Cheng Jinzhou in this different world. "No matter how expensive the food at home is, it is always your own, and my wife also agrees to give you monthly food and buy food from the granary at home. The number can be more justified."
The last sentence is the finishing touch. Cheng Jia is a real big family. In terms of the number of people, it may be even larger than that of large companies in later generations, but corruption is directly proportional to the number of people.
Cheng Jinzhou understood it as soon as he heard it. Hey, smile, slap Shiyan hard and say with smile, "Yes, I’ll leave it to you."
When it comes to bribery, he naturally wants to lead an honest and clean life, and it is not awkward to steal money from his own family.
Shi inkstone was only 16 years old and suddenly got 4 taels of silver, which was quite a bit confusing. He didn’t think so thoroughly when he gave his opinion.
Cheng Jinzhou counted five golden melons, and when they were over age, they said, "There will be rewards when the accounts are clear."
Five golden melons are two taels of gold and almost four taels of silver. Since there is a bribe, the final price will naturally be lower, but no matter whether the remaining money is more or less than the reward, it should be reimbursed. Otherwise, Cheng Jinzhou will lose his hand before bribing himself.
Shi Yanxin put the golden melon into her arms and bent down to go out from the small door, feeling heavy.
Cheng Jinzhou is immersed in the strong purchasing power of gold. Whether the national currency of the Great Xia Dynasty or copper coins and silver is also an important means of circulation, but gold is more like an excellent reserve currency. Chengcheng Huang’s golden melon theory is very eye-catching whether it represents significance or body shape and color.
Out of the east gate of Shaonancheng is the Hongrizhuang set up by Chengjia Granary.
Here, it is also known by locals as the granary of Shaonan State in addition to the granary of Cheng family-that is, the government also sets up a battalion of soldiers to guard a third of the state army not far from here.
Southeast is the lifeblood of the Great Xia Dynasty, and there are 20,000 mu of grain fields in a state capital of Shaonan, which is more than the number of many prefecture-level cities in the 21st century. Compared with the proportion of reclamation, this is a very large number.
Although the yield per mu is very low in this era, and the overall grain reserve quantity of granaries is not future generations, there are still many horrible grains hoarded around Hongrizhuang, which was treated as a strategic grain reserve base at the end of the Xia Dynasty.
Because of the special position, the steward of Hongrizhuang is not a servant, but Cheng Jiaqing, the second generation of Cheng Mai. Well, he is still uncle Cheng Jinzhou, and his blood relationship is much thinner.
Shi inkstone rode a donkey all the way to the gate of Zhuang, still hesitating, but he saw a door waving to him kindly.
Bribery is just a matter of listening to the old people’s words. I spit it out for a moment. Now I’m firmly guarding the tips of reading more and talking less. I’m full of laughter. I walked over and smiled and said, "Why are you always invited?"
"Who wants food?" The smiling attitude of the door is nothing like the domineering attitude of the waiters in the city. You can’t smell it at all.
"I’m the third young master and my name is Shi Yan."
"Boy, what’s that called? The future is bright." The door smiled brightly and held out his hands. "How much food do you want?"
Shi inkstone is a bit strange. He stretched out his hands and asked for two stones.
"Oh, my appetite is not small." Several people who are still staying in the house suddenly pop out. A middle-aged man in a short jacket in Tsing Yi feels his bare forehead and rubs his neck scab. He waddles out and looks at Shi Yandao. "How can you transport these two stones of grain without a car?"
"The car in the village …" Shi Yan said half a sentence and knew that he was wrong and turned to a smile. "This always needs to be bought first."
The first door is to straighten your hands and squeeze your eyes. "Stone grain has to be reported to the yamen on weekdays, and you can charge a higher price if you want us to transport it."
"It depends on whether you put your left hand or your right hand," the door said, rubbing up your fingers and several people laughed tacitly behind you.
Shi inkstone can’t be white. He didn’t expect that the Red Sun Zhuang Dingjia were so arrogant that he didn’t even have any cover. He didn’t care so much. He said in an unfamiliar tone, "Which hand is cheap?"
The goalkeeper took back his right hand.
Shi inkstone carefully pulled out a melon from the bosom and left the door.
"Five Stones" reported the number after they were bald, and they were very similar to the code word.
Cheng Chang’s home-cooked melons are rarely seen by people in the outer villages. They will be picked up in one bite and bitten hard with their sweat. They also said, "It’s really soft."
"Can it be softer than a small lotus?" Others immediately burst into laughter.
Shi inkstone stopped his chest and said, "Deliver money."
"Come with me to get the goods" became serious when he saw the real golden light.
The granaries in Hongrizhuang have different specifications. The bald head specially picks up the big granary and directs the rest workers next to it. In three or two, five stone grains are loaded into the car. Some people are relieved and take out two golden melons, saying, "Take two stone grains with one or two money."
"4" bald head has seen the world and knows that the weight of the melon is slow and stretched out four fingers.
Four grains are worth 32 taels of silver, which is already 2% cheaper than the outside shop. Of course, the quality is poor, and many of them can’t be taken out in the warehouse. Some old grain is Cheng Jinzhou’s surprise.
Shi inkstone suddenly perked up at the sight of a door, saying that he was bald and gave up two taels of silver. Finally, he put two stone grains in the car.
It is not clear how much two silvers can save several second-class monthly money on baldness and take away from it.
At this time, Shi Yan discovered that he was soaked in sweat.
Chapter 20 "On Agriculture"
Shi inkstone pressed the grain back to the clause before the gate closed.
Cheng Jiaqing’s word several rooms are occupied by people. On weekdays, it is natural to live in the clause of my old house, except for the guests, that is, Cheng Jinzhou.
Stone grain sounds like a lot, but it’s actually only five or six carriages. If you don’t hurry, donkey carts will be more economical.
The heavy wooden wheels and bluestone road "bounced" compactly down the back door, and the servants along the way hid at a glance. No one dared to meddle with these things when the housekeeper had an order.
Cheng Jinzhou leisurely, etc. The big banyan tree in the Intermediate People’s Court covers an area of nearly mu of green space. It is a tree site, and the degree of sunset is cool to the trees.
Looking at Zhuang people transporting sacks of hemp-packed grain into Cheng Jinzhou, he grabbed the inkstone and asked, "Did you see how they hid the grain?"
"Without food, the family must check. Then how did they hide this small amount?" Cheng Jinzhou is quite eager to ask, this is to be able to learn from experience. At home, I haven’t seen all kinds of corruption cases and methods, but I haven’t remembered them.
When the party hates less, it’s a pity that the hand ring can’t be limited to Cheng Jinzhou and it’s a pity again.
Shi Yan’s passion was suppressed and he bowed his head. "They didn’t let me in when they were transporting food. Finally, they checked the color because you said it was good or bad …"
"Nothing you do" Cheng Jinzhou threw him a small silver ingot of cutting and weight.
Shi Yan’s face smiled, and the flowers had been thrown away by the previous uneasiness.
"After that, I bought food from my own granary and said that I was doing experiments."
The corners of the mouth of the stone grain experiment inkstone twitched, which is really a reason.

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