"Treatment" repeated the king.

"For treatment" Gu Qingshan sure nods a way
"So if you become a reserve?" Asked the king
"With the consent of three members, it can be regarded as a preparatory staff." Gu Qingshan said
The king thought for a moment and said flatly, "Well, I am now formally applying for the position of reserve personnel. I hope you can agree."
"After all, my fighting capacity is very strong and I can support this team well."
Gu Qingshan agreed, "That’s true. We need a really good player. What do you think?"
Ye Fei looked at each other from Zhang Yinghao.
-Gu Qingshan still has a true story that he can make up a membership rule with "inspection period" on the spot and say it without blinking.
In fact, when this guy just said, "I can really top the front player," they went blank.
(of many people) talking/arguing
It seems that one of these ruins exploration can finally beat the top.
The soul squealer outside Requiem Township is about to arrive.
Um …
Two people simply nodded "no problem"
Gu Qingshan immediately patted the king on the shoulder and said, "Well, from now on, you will become a probationary member of the Blade Oath. You have to prove your value in three months."
"And your value directly determines your treatment."
The king looked at the wind that swept Gu Qingshan’s eyes over him and looked at Lola again.
He couldn’t help pointing to Lola. "Well, I want to ask to what extent can I have a slave like you?"
Gu Qingshan shook his head. "This is not what you should know. Ask again after you are a trainee."
King Zheng
The other party will say some conditions to make them work harder, but this is the result.
….. yes, the other party is not begging to join.
The king even said, "Oh, I’m sorry for taking the liberty."
Gu Qingshan nodded and didn’t speak again
This topic stops here.
In the darkness, the slate continued to float forward and gradually approached the corpse column.
The first corpse column is near.
The king closed his eyes again and lost in thought.
"Let me see, there seems to be some secrets in my mind."
He bowed his head and stopped for a long time until the slate was about to float past the first corpse column, and gradually revealed its sudden color.
"I know that this is a mythical creature transformed by the gods and the abyss. They are all sealed in the corpse column."
"I need a little time to pray and wake them up!"
The king held high the golden ring in his hand and chanted, "The God of Life gave you a unique form and the Abyss Force gave you weapons."
"You’ve waited for this moment. This is awakening."
The golden ring suddenly lights up.
The king rejoiced and continued to read.
Gu Qingshan covered her eyes fiercely.
He suddenly felt a sharp tingling in his eyes.
Laura immediately found out that something was wrong. She came to hold his hand and asked anxiously, "What’s wrong with Gu Qingshan?"
"It’s okay. I’m a little unstable." Gu Qingshan said
He was lost in thought.
Why do your eyes suddenly feel pain at this time?
Is it some kind of awakening?
But this is the art of building the world by yourself, not life. How can you wake yourself up?
….. No.
There is indeed a will in this operation.
Residual will of parallel world
Because he helped him overcome the chaos, he joined his pupil surgery.
What does it want to tell itself?
Gu Qingshan opened his eyes with black cloth.
It’s dark in front of me and I still can’t see anything.
A scene gradually appeared in front of Gu Qingshan.
Several bodies gathered in huge columns and stood in the darkness.
Corpse column forest
It’s still here. It’s still like this
This corpse forest is almost the same as the real world felt in the mind, but it is somewhat different.
Gu Qingshan binocular observation resin column Lin constantly and spirit force induction in the real world contrast.

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