But now Li Yuanba needs to take away the overlord armor, and this has become an urgent problem for the worse headquarters.

So whose problem is this?
"Commander, we can’t lock the driving limit of Overlord A"
The combination of Li Yuanba and Bawangjia in Nantianmen Gate can explode the fighting capacity, and the violent weapons equipped by Bawangjia can’t control Li Yuanba’s method except locking Bawangjia or Li Yuanba’s driving limit.
This is one of the reasons why the authorities in charge of the worse gate are reluctant to let Ji Xinghe come to the worse gate, whether it is Ken Tevez or Ivanovich, including the former Andy.
Ivanovich took a deep breath, thought a lot for a short time, and then exhaled slowly.
"Let him go"
"But …"
"You can stop him? Or can we catch him? Or can you kill him? "
There’s nothing to say. Li Yuanba won the freedom to fight when he gave up for some reason.
After receiving the order, the transport-type individual starship quickly took place and carried the orbital projection device that could protect Li Yuanba and Bawangjia. It took him about 20 minutes to reach the crater of Shenshen Mountain where Ji Xinghe was located.
This statement is not rigorous, because the real crater of the Mountain of the Gods is more than 500 kilometers in diameter, which almost occupies the Mountain of the Gods with a width of 600 kilometers. However, in the conventional sense, the crater is not located at the top of the Mountain of the Gods, and the gap can be clearly seen.
The gap formed by six subsidence-like areas is generally called the crater of the Goddess Mountain directly.
Say whether it’s long or not in 20 minutes.
Now, the total width is more than 60 kilometers, which is very narrow compared with the mecha. Can Ji Xinghe make a covert operation in the subsidence area until 20 minutes later?
And if Li Yuanba also falls into the Chinese crater wall, the average height is more than three kilometers. Even if they can win the empire, they will definitely try their best to make mecha troops. How can they come?
The empire has just shown the level of fire power. Unless the imperial forces in the Shenshen Mountain theater are cleared and all fire output units are destroyed, it is inseparable from the possibility.
People are worried because of Ji Xinghe’s situation at this time, and people are in a state of anxiety because of Li Yuanba’s action at this time.
But none of this can stop Li Yuanba from leaving Nantianmen.
Ivanovich is not in the mood to make any command decisions now. When he left Li Yuanba, he received more than a dozen communication applications, each of which was difficult for him to deal with.
I hope I can give Li Yuanba a chance and Ji Xinghe a chance to abdicate safely.
"Li Yuanba has set out and will soon be able to reach the battlefield of the Mountain of Gods. I told him that he must land on the crater wall. According to my precise coordinates of the imperial transition base, I predicted that when Li Yuanba arrived, the imperial mecha could not reach the crater wall area from the imperial transition base."
I just dug a hole and buried myself. Xingyue has returned to Xingyuejia near the Second World War Zone from the sacred mountain and reported the situation to Ji Rongxinyue.
"With Li Yuanba attracting fire, it is difficult for the empire to have the opportunity to go directly into the crater to find the armor that I hid and cut off, which means we don’t need to worry about the safety of the master, because the empire can’t think that the master has just unloaded his armor, and when the empire is attracted by Li Yuanba, the master will have the opportunity to get the imperial mecha."
Hearing these words, Ji Rongxinyue gave a response.
Having fought, she seems to be absorbed in fighting and has no energy to be distracted, but the moon and the stars know very well how powerful Ji Rong Xinyue is, let alone talking to her, even if she sings and tells stories while fighting.
At this time, after all, Ji Rongxinyue is not faced with the anti-Xinghe Corps composed of Marquis A, but with the mecha corps composed of the regular standard mecha of the empire.
And she is not alone. She is surrounded by Qin Tong, Harris, Su Chuanyun, Lame, liu er, Ying Luoqi and Xi Yan.
Guo Shi-level mecha teamed up to be able to play out the fighting capacity more powerful than the peak of the famous federal Xinghe squad.
From the perspective of the stars and the moon, the driving champion of Ji Rong Xinyue, Hou Su Chuanyun, punished the armor for driving the gods and limped the glory armor, which is even more shameful.
The mecha troops pursuing the Independent Regiment Empire were forced to disperse by the federal long-range fire attack, and the formation and blockade lines were completed, and the support of the federal troops was not stressful.
Still worried
Xingyue manipulated Xingyue, which was in the state of God of War mode before, and formally joined the battle, making this’ Xinghe Team’ combat effectiveness even higher.
"Xinxin, do you remember when I took the initiative to expose my awakening to my master?"
Xingyue talked while fighting, and her way comforted Ji Rongxinyue at the moment.
"I made up my mind at that time not only because of you, but also because I saw with my own eyes that the master had extraordinary power, which was really inhuman.
He not only interrupted many of my alloy arms, but also quietly made different levels of protective armor test strength, which should not be said to be the combination of gas and strength to produce power test.
The defense strength is 1 armor. He left a fist print with his bare hands. The defense strength is 16 armor. Although he left a fist print very shallowly, it was not as good as that dog orangutan of Berrossi at that time, but I was sure that the master would be able to dismantle the mecha with his bare hands one day.
Now my Lord can easily leave a punch mark of armor class 27 armor with a depth of more than two centimeters. I thought at that time that although this killing ability is nothing for an imperial Duke armor made of tungsten steel alloy or an imperial Prince armor made of tungsten steel and gold.
But the master is still the most powerful mechanic in the Federation except Shen Mu and me. His ability to’ level mountains and seas’ can make him realize his dream of unarmed mecha before human beings … "
I don’t know if it’s because of what Xingyue said that Ji Rongxinyue finally got interested in talking.
She said
"Xingyue needs our efforts now, or many people will be sacrificed."
The moon and the moon are stupefied.
Although four two-stage mecha and five Guo Shi-level mechs form a new generation of Xinghe squad, the theory of combat effectiveness can be extremely shaped whether it is looking at the Federation or the Empire.
However, they need to face too many enemy mecha. After the real battle, the federal forces will continue to suffer losses.
When Ji Rongxinyue uttered this sentence, the moon and the moon could clearly see that a federal main battle tank was aimed at the muzzle without turning, and the imperial mecha beside it cut off the barrel.
Although this imperial mecha was shot by another main battle tank for the first time after completing the attack, the armor-piercing shell hit directly into armor class, and less than 12 protective armor was broken on the spot.
But the barrel of the gun was damaged, but the main battle tank almost lost its fighting capacity.
Federal soldiers in China don’t think so. They chose to load tanks with heavy machine guns to attack, and at the same time moved tanks that had lost their deterrent ability and rushed directly to a large number of imperial mecha.

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