When they arrived in Qingmuyang in ten minutes, the group quickly changed Roy and them.

Roy and others also hurry to rest and replenish their strength when they retire.
Lin Ying and their movements alarmed Yang Guobin.
They saw that Lin Ying did a good job here, so he followed Lin Ying’s method to implement the rotation tactics.
In this way, the lucky ones can take a breath and not fight all the time to be dragged down.
However, due to the lack of half of the people attacking zombies in the rotation, the speed of zombies coming in has not decreased, so it is necessary for everyone to cope with zombies.
A large number of zombies crawled from the corpse and came from a commanding position, which caused great trouble to the lucky ones.
Yang Guobin also had a headache when he found out about it.
Everyone can balance how many zombies who came across the street together, and they can barely kill how many zombies to block the front of the slope.
Now half of the people have been rested, and the speed of zombies coming in has exceeded that of the lucky ones. The whole line of defense is full of zombies, and it seems a little hectic for one person to deal with several zombies at the same time.
But it is impossible to keep everyone fighting all the time, because they are people, not machines and not zombies.
If the flesh and blood will be tired, if everyone is crushed to death, the army will be wiped out
Yang Guobin looked at the zombies and then raised his wrist and looked at his watch and found that it was four o’clock in the morning. They had been fighting here for several hours, and the base had reached the early combat goal.
So Yang Guobin said to a captain around him, "In the past, inform the leader of Yilin to let them withdraw. We are ready to retreat in the future."
The captain smell speech immediately ran to Lin Ying they reached Yang Guobin dialect.
Lin Ying heard the words and glanced at Yang Guobin’s defense line and looked at his body. The captain replied, "Okay, you tell Yang Lao that our horse will return to the slope, but you tell Yang Lao to let them not return me yet. There is still room for us to stay behind the slope for a while."
The captain immediately ran back and told Yang Guobin what Lin Ying had said.
When Yang Guobin heard the words, he encouraged them to insist.
Lin Ying, they have gone deep into the zombie group, and they are surrounded by zombies. They want to withdraw and have some trouble.
They are zombie bodies, and a tall, 10-meter-high platform is built directly. The platform is surrounded by zombies. These zombies keep climbing and trying to eat them, but they keep climbing and being killed, and then they roll around and expand the scope of the platform.
Lin Ying, if they want to return to the slope, they must leave the corpse platform and go back from the zombie group.
But Lin Ying doesn’t intend to go. He wants to lay a corpse avenue through the slope.
So Lin Ying arranged for all the people to constantly hunt the zombies around, throwing their bodies and paving a road through the slope.
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-four The second wave of zombies has arrived.
A moment later, Lin Ying and his party finally stepped on the sloping land.
But behind them, a corpse avenue piled up by zombie corpses is formed, which is dozens of meters long and more than 20 meters wide.
A lot of black blood flows, which makes the whole avenue look terrible.
The lucky people in the place felt a thrill when they looked at the corpse avenue.
Lin Ying, the fighting capacity of this group of people is too strong, especially Lin Ying and Qing Muyang. It’s like killing a god to kill a zombie.
And those mercenaries because of perennial combat military quality excellent and then strengthen the quality of the big heart to kill these first-order zombies is almost like killing chickens, a zombie pile of big kill, kill brave than.
Fortunately, they all felt the gap when they looked at Lin Ying.
They are also awakened. Why are they so powerful? Is it because you are too spicy chicken?
No, it’s not, but I don’t have their ferocity, their momentum of moving forward
Those who still have some enemies in the forest shadows have lowered their heads at this time.
Lin Ying didn’t know what others were thinking, so she immediately asked everyone to disperse to help others.
Mercenaries immediately rushed towards his defense to help clean up the zombies.
Because of the mercenaries to join the crowd, the pressure was greatly reduced, and the speed of cleaning up zombies was greatly increased, so that the zombies were killed cleanly.
Once again, the awakened people regained the advantage and held the slope, and everyone climbed the zombie wall commanding and killed those zombies to keep them out of the zombie wall.
At this time, they just breathed a little sigh of relief.
Mercenaries have dispersed to help others, and Lin Ying’s defense has him and Qing Muyang.
But even with them, they easily held the line of defense they were responsible for.
See Lin Ying corpse pile waving a horse-cutting saber to pounce on more than ten zombies and be chopped down in an instant.
Then Lin Ying gave them heads in succession, and then completely killed each other with one knife.
There is not a living zombie within three meters of him.
While Qing Muyang is carrying a boning knife like a loach among zombies.
But every time he passes through a place, there will be a zombie head pierced by boning knife.
Every time Qing Muyang’s hand is the blade along the crack of the bone and then plunged into it, the whole process is like an expert in solving cattle, which is extremely easy.
And he’s incredibly fast, killing a zombie in almost three seconds, which is insanely fast.
The two of them joined forces to hold a line of defense, and the zombies couldn’t advance half a step.
Because of the mercenaries, they joined the whole defense line and held it again, and they also looked forward to advancing more than ten meters in front of the slope.
The reason for this phenomenon is that the dead zombies pile up together to form a zombie wall, and it is convenient for zombies to move abnormally when crossing the lost wall.
The awakened people took advantage of their inconvenience to wait for an opportunity to move out and push the whole position forward more than ten meters.

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