In most fortresses,
The image of Tianyang has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts.
This is a bit like the former Qingtianbao announcing his deeds, but this time the scale of the joint announcement by the four major churches can be described as unprecedented.
Arrive at the church
Tian Yang Yang walked into the gate.
I saw Tang Xin, Su Yun and other saints and saw rows of church knights.
"Welcome to the savior," said Tang Xin with a smile.
Saints such as Su Yun, church high-level teams of church knights
Everyone knelt down and shouted’ savior’
Tang Xin knelt down at the end, but a crystal appeared between her eyebrows, and the soft light spilled out.
At this time
She is no longer Tang Xin.
But’ Eternal Shiner’ and the sunrise!
Tiangong Fort’ Red Rose’ Bar
The heavy door was pushed and someone came in.
Behind the bar that amorous feelings of the wife of shop-owner looked into the people.
This man is of medium height, not as tall as tall, but not short.
Wearing a black cloak and pulling down the hat.
A few strands of black hair were scattered from the hat
The man who felt the proprietress’s eyes looked up.
Wife of shop-owner saw a pair of pale purple eyes.
She smiled. "As usual?"
As usual, the man nodded and walked to an obscure corner of the bar.
Sit down
A moment later
The proprietress sent a cocktail made by herself and put it next to the guest.
And left.
Several drunkards in the bar gave the man in the corner a drowsy look.
Then a small discussion began.
"Who is that guy?"
"Who knows, a guy suddenly appeared last month."
"He comes here every once in a while and asks for a glass of wine every time and then sits for a long time."
"The proprietress actually entertained him personally. She won’t like him, will she?"
"Why doesn’t the proprietress like him or like you?"
"Don’t talk nonsense. The proprietress doesn’t like him."
"The proprietress is thinking of someone in her heart."
"Who is it?"
Alcoholics are talking about it.
The man in the corner took the cup and sipped it.
Only then did he hear the voice say, "Human beings are really special creatures."
Take this wine as an alcoholic drink, but it tastes completely different when brewed by different people.
"Well, maybe I can stay with a group of winemakers in the future, so I’m not afraid of not drinking."
at this time
He caught some words.
"Have you heard?"
"Not long ago, the’ savior’ in a deserted town appeared again."
"I know I saw him from a distance."
"Just like the church announced, he killed those horrible monsters as soon as he fell from the sky."
"Many people were moved to tears at that time."
"Now that there are fewer black people and there is a savior coming, I don’t think it will be long before we can resume our previous lives."
"Here comes the Savior. Let’s drink."
"A toast!"
Pulled the hood to hide his face deeper
End up glass purple eyes male shallow sipped his eyes slightly narrowed.
"Savior …"
"Is it to announce the’ Ultimate’?"
"Man, are you going to make a god yourself?"
"That’s what’s not a real god …"

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