"And your uncle two" three "rest assured" JiNaRui endure laughed.

Small April carefully looked at his uncles, and everyone nodded and endured not laughing.
Ji Jiasun heard for the first time that the family was poor and couldn’t afford to raise children, so he had to rely on his sister’s lucky money to raise his younger brother.
Ji Nanyao spoiled and looked at her little niece. "You don’t have to worry about these things in April. You have to have a younger brother first."
Little April "…"
I thought for a moment and looked at my father. "Dad, when can I have a younger brother? How long do I have to wait?"
Ji Nanfeng "…"
Go on strike, blush and give Ji Nanfeng a look, let him have nothing to do, and tell the child Hu that it’s okay, right? Shoot yourself in the foot.
Ji Nanfeng coughed and said to his daughter, "My dear daughter, you Sanbo are not what you used to be. He has changed, and he has your Sanbo Niang in his heart. But don’t worry that your uncle’s second uncle still hurts you. Don’t be sad."
Chapter 71 Welcome the New Year
Ji Nanyao "…"
Smelly little now is really good. Dare to run on his third brother
Who wouldn’t let him have such a clever daughter if he didn’t have the same knowledge as him?
Xiao April didn’t let him down and shook his head. MengMeng said, "Dad won’t. Sanbo will love me more. I am loved by everyone."
The family was amused by the little April nursery rhymes and burst into laughter. Many hands make light work, so it can be the same.
On New Year’s Eve, the family kept laughing. At eleven o’clock, the music band was already sleepy, so I went to bed in April.
It’s past eleven o’clock when I come back. It’s rare for Jijia brothers to get together so neatly.
Usually, we do our own things, even if we go home every day, there are not many times when we can sit and talk.
Tonight, they want their parents to stay up late, naturally, and even Yan refused to sleep. Ji Nan held her arms, but her spirit was not bad.
Seeing her happy in Jinan is also the most important thing for everyone to be happy in the New Year.
Usually it is rare for her to be so busy alone, and later she will go to the yard to set off fireworks to welcome the new year.
It’s already lively outside before the countdown to the New Year.
Colorful fireworks rose in the dark blue sky, and the musicians closed their eyes and made a wish.
In the new year, she hopes that everyone can achieve everything safely and healthily.
If it’s fate, she wants to have another child. It’s been a long time since the second miscarriage, but she hasn’t heard from her.
In the dead of night, she always thinks of that. If she didn’t know the situation, she wouldn’t have a child. If she had, she would have been born.
I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. It’s unlucky not to cry on the first day of the new year.
Ji Nanfeng doesn’t know when he has come to the singer’s side and put his arm around her shoulder. "What are you thinking?"
"No fireworks are beautiful." There is a little smile on her lips, and the south wind can’t see her true expression when the lights are dim.
"There are still several boxes you like, and I’ll move them." Ji Nanfeng wants to win the favor of the strike. His expression is like a child’s when he has work.
"What’s the point of playing with us adults with Xiao April?" It was only after a strike that Ji Nanfeng was stopped.
Ji Nanfeng thought about it, too. That’s why he took several from the box and found a new place to show it to the singer alone.
Brothers have long been used to this bully’s nature and won’t say anything. Ji Nanyao looked at his brother and shook his head. Even this devil incarnate has a sister who can stop it.
Although I went to bed late at night, everyone got up early. In April, I wore a red Tang suit. Shen Jiaran specially asked the designer to customize the whole person to celebrate like a New Year doll.
She is now the youngest person in the family, and the red envelope is naturally a soft little rich woman.
Xiao April finished receiving the red envelopes from her elders and ran back to the room with a brand-new red envelope in her hand. She ran to Yan and touched her belly and listened to it before saying, "Brother, you should come out quickly. This is the first red envelope my sister gave you. Let Bo Niang help you keep it. When you come out, my sister will send you many gifts."
Chapter 72 You’re begging for words, but it seems that I’m not fighting righteousness.
Xiao April’s words almost brought tears to Yan’s nose.
The child is so warm that she didn’t even think of giving her a New Year present as a mother. She is really thoughtful.
How on earth did this child teach him how to be so painful?
Shen Jiaran is holding her granddaughter and her face is full of pride. It’s good that this child is her granddaughter.
It’s a different scene to spend Ruan’s family with laughter in this Spring Festival season.
Because of the Spring Festival, Aunt Ruan Shu was also taken back to Ruan’s family. I don’t know who told her that Ruan Shu had robbed Ruan’s boyfriend, and she was busy at Ruan’s family for several days.
Master Ruan came to send her to a nursing home, but Ruan Yan cried and disagreed. Without her father and unreliable, her mother was left. She didn’t want her to be sent away again.

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