Out of the natural fear of counterpoint, the Liu family around him have evaded to both sides, even if they are sitting in front of the Liu master, they have not said anything. He is still an important part of imperial power, representing the interests of less than a quarter of imperial interest groups, but Cheng Jinzhou’s power has faintly exceeded the category of summer-if he becomes a four-level star warlock, he will inevitably be above the whole empire, and like Jiang Huang and others, he will not be afraid of the fetters of power.

If it weren’t for several people, Liu Qingshuang would cry like a tearful person, or now a big tear has been guided by gravity to hang her long eyelashes.
Several aristocratic officials selected representatives of the masses to watch Cheng Jinzhou hold Liu Qingshuang in his arms.
The satin on the chest was immediately wet.
For a long time, the band was tired, their lips were stiff and their hands were stiff, and they went straight to Jinzhou to return to the 24 big cars with a slight trembling Liu Qingshuang.
The ceremony went on as usual.
The well-trained elite of the imperial court continued to look up in high spirits as if they didn’t know what had happened.
Releasing Li Shaolin, who was livid and depressed, was like losing his wallet in two KFC chickens, but he couldn’t open it for fear of being found in pain.
The sedan chair started steadily, and the combined efforts of twenty-four strong men were like the silence of the giant tortoise in China, which could be shaken.
I just cried, and Liu Qingshuang was embarrassed to lie down in Jinzhou’s chest without saying a word. My whole face was hot.
Leijiacha etc students walked over without saying a word, grabbed her hand and sat down in the car.
The ceremony was lengthy and orderly.
Everything was perfect except for a little mistake-many years later, people talked about the ceremony and remembered that there might be a little mistake.
After thinking about this, Emperor Lizong’s face became even heavier, and his fingers were tightly buckled on the armrest of the dragon chair.
"Let’s cancel the ceremony around the city." Because of the delay, Li Shaolin looked at the sky and made up his mind.
His legs are still weak, but his face is red. I don’t know if it’s a sign of anger or a blip.
After being a scapegoat for an hour, the assistant minister woke up from a dream and quickly asked, "Have you met the saint?"
He definitely has a chance to escape. Fortunately, if Li Shaolin falls and doesn’t wake up, he will definitely have to spend his future in a life of "malicious decline".
Shao-Lin Li gasped for air with a "well" in his nose.
The assistant minister dared not ask again, waving the flag in his hand.
The big car twisted slightly into the palace.
The last and most important step is to meet the emperor. According to the normal procedure, the general will kneel before the throne and present the flag symbolizing victory as a token of land.
This is an unpleasant step for both side.
Well, it only happens in the palace.
Cheng Jinzhou’s hands served the flag of the Northern Han Dynasty and the emperor sat there and stretched out his hand to pick it up.
A compromise that upset both sides is unnecessary and real, just like most political compromises.
Ministers are like clay puppets, metal dolls, diamonds and stone carvings. They don’t even move their eyelids as if they didn’t see the handover process between the two sides.
After two minutes of hardship, Li Shaolin trembled, and his trembling voice almost cheered and shouted "the ceremony is over."
For an old man who has just passed out and nearly suffered a stroke, it is really shocking for the astrologer to prepare for the national ceremony.
There is no nitroglycerin to save lives. This is desperate.
"Thank you, Emperor" Cheng Jinzhou still has the luxury to hand over.
"Star warlocks are invincible pillars of the national economy." Being an emperor is a film emperor
Both sides laughed, and it was like watching a comedy together, kidnapping hostages.
The eunuch in charge of the palace counted the smiles, and when everyone was full of laughter, he bowed down and said, "The banquet of Emperor Cheng’s adult Qiong Yu is ready."
"Adult Cheng, please", the emperor reached out to take Cheng Jinzhou.
"Huang please" Cheng Jinzhou by the other side took his arm.
The two walked leisurely, and the country model walked along the internationalization platform.
Appreciating the gesture of the two is a group of old men who are over half a century old. Occasionally, two or three young Hanlin and Yushi are as rare as men at fashion shows.
The so-called Qiongyu banquet is an ornamental banquet.
From the first course, only one of every five courses is movable, and the leftovers can be seen but not eaten.
Of course, the number of dishes is absolutely enough, even if you eat one hundred and sixty dishes per dish, you can eat a full meal. Jinzhou is used to the luxury of nobles, and there is nothing to say that you can taste two leisurely meals occasionally.
This is especially true of the emperor’s position. The emperor wants one dish for every meal, and ten of them are for presentation. In those days, the emperor showed his diligence and honesty, and several important actions included changing ten dishes every three days to five days.
For this alone, he saved more than 100 taels of silver in the summer every month, and his ministers were full of praise
Everyone who can sit at the banquet can be described as the elite of the empire. When chatting in Jinzhou, from beginning to end, there used to be twenty years old young emperors, thirty years old young Hanlin, forty years old young family heads, fifty years old young Guan Ge bachelor, sixty years old young politicians, seventy-year-old young astrologers and a group of young people whose rigorous language set off a cheerful atmosphere, representing the prosperous development prospects of the whole country.
Two plain-dressed gentlemen in a group caught Cheng Jinzhou’s attention.
To say that they are simple only means that the complexity of their clothes has not reached the level that they can’t wear, but the quality and workmanship of silks and satins are not inferior at all.

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