He felt that his fight was very beautiful, and his own mecha as a "shield" for Ji Xinghe would certainly be able to influence Ji Xinghe, a stubborn old man.

But he didn’t know that Ji Xinghe had successfully predicted his order and told many people his attack target before he reached this order.
And Ji Xinghe also said that at least 35 imperial mecha could successfully escape like this.
Before the calculation, those attacks he suffered were successfully predicted by Ji Xinghe.
It’s a big social death scene.
But Ji Xinghe really didn’t suddenly command and obey Kaidilin’s orders like the first wave of fighting, and Kaidilin’s mecha shield followed suit and launched a charge.
Also dazzle skill in the process of charge, the gun pointed from the ground to provoke an imperial mecha shield to pick up his hand and then backhand blocked his mecha behind.

第433章 又要打断别人腿?
At the same time, more than 30,000 mecha said that because of Kaidilin’s words, they recalled that Ji Xinghe had predicted the movements of several imperial mecha, including the 62nd Imperial Mecha.
Kaidilin, on the other hand, needed a post-war resumption to discover this.
"Ji Xinghe, why don’t you talk?"
After Kaidilin asked, the tone was a little smug. "Are you moved beyond words? Actually, you are not so moved. My mecha is made of tungsten steel alloy, and its defense is stronger than that of you. It helps you to block the enemy’s fire. No problem."
Stop it, okay? You’re dead, you know?
The chief of staff of the western theater finally couldn’t help but see that Kaidilin and Ji Xinghe had retreated to the relatively safe regional empire and showed no signs of attacking.
He chose to tell Kaidilin a cruel truth.
At this time, it should not affect Kaidilin, right?
The exclusive mecha of No.137 Outpost Ace Warrior should beat the cockpit door before Ji Xinghe.
But it was not until Ji Xinghe finished the armor unloading and took the western theater support mechanic to overhaul his mecha that Kaidilin’s cockpit door still failed to hit.
This makes the soldiers who are going to repair the Kaidilin mecha dare not make a move.
One minute passed, and when the repair of Ji Xinghe mecha was completed, Kaidilin cockpit still didn’t play.
If the life monitoring system is not sure that Kaidilin is in very good condition, people may suspect that Kaidilin is dead.

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