At this moment, Erha found a disguised off-road vehicle in the control zombie forest

Look, this car belongs to these three mercenaries
So Lin Ying threw all three things into the car and drove back to the camp.
The sound of fighting here attracted the zombies around, but there were two, and these zombies became two, and the younger brother Lin Ying went back to the camp all the way.
When I returned to the camp, Lin Ying found that everyone was not sleeping and waited for him to come back.
They all breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Lin Ying coming back with an SUV.
Lin Ying called Sun Tiecheng and his comrades over and asked the six of them to clean up a mercenary’s things in the hope of finding something.
[End of chapter]
Chapter 49 Some news
Sun Tie Cheng: They are all soldiers, and they are very interested in intelligence combing.
These three mercenaries and Qing Muyang must have their eyes behind them. This information needs to be carefully dug for Lin Ying to do some countermeasures.
Professionals do professional things.
Indeed as expected Sun Tie into they didn’t let Lin Ying down.
It wasn’t long before Sun Tiecheng and others cleaned up the mercenary equipment and presented some intelligence to Lin Ying.
Three mercenaries belong to a South African mercenary organization called Scorpion, and they were active in China before the end of the world.
After the end of the world, they were recruited by Shenmen and now they are working for Shenmen.
Because of Lin Ying, they destroyed the viper mercenaries. Shenmen attached great importance to them and sent the scorpion mercenaries to take revenge.
As a result, Qing Muyang wiped out the vanguard troops of Scorpion Mercenary Corps, and these three escaped from the net at that time.
Three mercenaries have been hiding all around, one is to collect their information from Lin Ying, and the other is to stare at Lin Ying. They prevent them from running away, and the scorpion follow-up troops can’t find Lin Ying.
This false report was obtained from some daily records written by James.
In this record, Lin Ying and others also got something about Shenmen.
It is recorded that the Shenmen potion has made a great breakthrough, and they have produced several super soldiers through the potion. The day of unifying the world is not far away, and all major organizations in Shenmen are actively preparing for the call of Shenmen to unify the whole country.
Look at this false Lin Ying a belle.
Shenmen, this group of people’s brains are burnt out and give birth to the idea of unifying the sky.
This God-door palm-palm has a mass of shit in his head to come up with such an unrealistic thing.
Throughout history, no one can unify the sky. If anyone wants to unify the sky, it is enough to drink a pot of China alone.
China’s vast territory, vast resources, talented people and different people are all as good as those who wake up. They want to unify the whole country, and these immortal people will not agree at first.
Besides this false report, the biggest gain of Lin Ying is that these people are equipped.
The three men are well equipped with Grenade launchers, rest sights, night vision devices and a satellite.
One of the three people is quite light, J and Qi ā ng can provide sufficient fire support, and the three-person off-road vehicle has a car, J and Qi ā ng.
Cars and medical kits, chocolate bars and other high-energy foods.
Lin Ying also found Shenmen tissue potion from their car, and all kinds of potions are available.
Seeing these potions, Lin Ying has Xu Xing. Fortunately, these three people didn’t make these potions during the battle. If they made them, Lin Ying wouldn’t be so easy to destroy them.
After counting these people’s things, Lin Ying knew that these people had to leave here as soon as possible.

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